Top 5 Tedx Talks Refugees

Refugees in Crisis: Watch Our Top Five TedX Talks

Flooded by an overwhelming amount of news related to refugees, it is hard to stay on top of things. While governments and organisations of all sizes are striving for a proper integration, at the end it’s about you, the citizen, to pave the way for our new arrivals. 

It’s important to understand where those people come from and why they are here, but even more you need to embrace the fact that they will be part of our future society. Do you want to live among strangers? Or do you want to be part of a society enriched with people of all kinds? Hopefully striving for the latter, we’re expecting just two things from you: Educate yourself by watching the following TED talks from smart minds around the globe and share this post with your family & friends to bring all of us one step closer.

1 Melissa Fleming – A Boat Carrying 500 Refugees Sunk at Sea. The Story of two Survivors

This is Melissa Fleming telling the story of Doaa, a 19-year-old Syrian woman who just about survived the crossing from Greece to Italy. This powerful story gives a human face to the sheer number of people trying to escape to a better, safer live.


2 Alexander Betts – Our refugee system is failing. Here’s how we can fix it

In 1951, the Convention on the Status of Refugees was signed by the UNHCR and 147 governments worldwide, that committed to reciprocally admit people onto their territory who were fleeing from conflict and persecution. In the context of the ongoing refugee crisis one might wonder though if the convention still fulfils its initial aim. Alexander Betts throws light on the impossible choice refugee families have to make between camps, urban poverty and dangerous illegal journeys to safety.


3 António Guterres – Refugees have the right to be protected

In the course of 2015, almost one million refugees and migrants arrived to Europe. António Guterres  discusses the historical causes of the current crisis and outlines the mood of the European countries that are trying to screen, shelter and resettle hundreds of thousands of desperate families.


4 Melissa Fleming – Let’s Help Refugees Thrive, not just Survive

You might imagine that being a refugee is just a temporary state. But every day, on average, 32,000 people are forcibly displaced from their homes. The average time a refugee spends in exile is 17 years.  Behind every affected person there is a story of loss. In this talk, Melissa Fleming discusses what can be done beyond providing shelter and a safe place to settle. How can their world be rebuilt?


5 Marwa Al-Sabouni – How Syria’s Architecture Laid the Foundation for Brutal War

What caused the war in Syria? This issue is too complex to be answered in a few sentences. Besides far-reaching political reasons, Marwa Al-Sabouni gives a whole new insight into what could be regarded as the roots of the conflict: the division of communities through colonial architecture. Syria used to be a place of tolerance, historically accommodating a wide range of origins, beliefs and customs. How did it degenerate into civil war, violence, displacement and unprecedented sectarian hatred? The country’s future now depends on how it chooses to rebuild.

button_reworked_2-1We’ve seen that there is a lot of great ideas about how we should handle this so-called refugee crisis and more importantly, how we can shape our future society towards a better life together.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a platform through which refugees and locals can either search for or offer expertise, time and joint free time activities and therefore get in contact with each other?

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